Hole in One

Let us know  about your hole in one!


On June 10th:

Marcia Moor - The Falls #8 129 yards  - 5 iron

Sherri Brown - Whitmoor #8 South 108 yards - 8 iron

Handicap Information


Beginning January 1, 2020, GHIN handicap will use the World Handicap System (WHS). 


Under the WHS, equitable score control (ESC) is no longer used.  Posting scores in the Greater St. Louis area will begin March 1, 2020.  

Here are a few reminders for a good handicap.

1. Post within a week of play

2. Adjust your score to no higher than net double                bogey. If you post your score hole by hole, GHIN will      automatically adjust the score for you.

3. Handicap will be updated the day after you post

    your score.

3. Posting errors cannot be corrected through the golf        course or internet GHIN.  They can only be                    corrected through SLWGA's Handicap Chairman.


Please email any corrections to Char Jostes golfnanafor8@gmail.com.  This includes wrong date, course rating or slope, or score.


Pace of Play Reminder

Speed of play is an issue with all SLWGA events but is especially irritating when the temperature is above 90 degrees as it is in our summers. Unfortunately, this can be life threatening.  CLICK HERE to view some courtesy rules that all of us need to observe. Team captains please stress this with your team members.


Other Associations


MGA - new home of MWGA

CLICK HERE to view the MGA Website.
CLICK HERE to view the USGA Website.
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