Welcome to the SLWGA 2021 Season


Welcome to the 2021 SLWGA season! The Board would like to welcome all of our new members, as well as our returning golfers. 


We are thrilled to be able to return to our events and tournaments after 2020. We will be observing COVID-19 safety measures for as long as necessary, which means masks in clubhouses and social distancing.  We have a lot of exciting golf scheduled for this year.  Please view our SLWGA website (slwga.org) carefully.  On it you will find all of the information you need to have a great 2021. All of the current members should have received the password for member login. 


The schedule for Team events is posted on the website.  Talk to your captain for information you need to play in these events.  All team events start at 8:30 a.m., and your captain will collect all money. 


The schedule for Tournaments is posted, also.  Our tournament committee did a great job of getting us back on courses that are both fun and challenging again this year.  The cost, format, and time of each tournament is different, so please be sure to consult the corresponding webpages for details for each.  Remember, each member must play in at least one tournament to be eligible for team play in 2022.  Hopefully, many of you can play them all.


Whether you are registering for tournaments, signing up for the Fall Awards Banquet, or getting your 2022 membership taken care of, there are two ways to pay: mailing a check to our treasurer, or paying online by credit card through NMI.   


One more very important thing – post all of your scores in GHIN, including the good, the bad, and the ugly!  It doesn’t matter if you are playing in a league game, a round with friends, or a team event, every round needs to be posted.  The only exception is when you play an event where you don’t play your own ball from tee to hole, such as a scramble.  An accurate handicap index helps you and your team.


Again, please peruse the website often and carefully – it is chock full of information.  Happy golfing, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you back at our events!


Your SLWGA Board