Doris Chapman Memorial Award

2019   Maria Morrison, Crescent-Farms Tues

2017   Maria Morrison, Quail Creek

2015   Simay Souvannarath, Tapawingo

2013   Lou Boyer, Arlington

2011  Judy Clifton, Arlington

2009  Judy Schnarr, Mid Rivers

2007  Maria Morrison, Quail Creek

2005  Jennifer Lotz, Quail Creek

2003  Maria Morrison, Quail Creek

2001  Cindy Herrin, Berry Hill

1999  Cindy Herrin, Berry Hill

1997  Pat Will, New Melle Lakes

1995  Pat Will, St. Andrews

1993  Chris Clark, Paddock

1990  Pat Will, NormandiePark

1989  Joyce Queen, Raintree

1988  Pat Will, Normandie Park

1987  Ellen Port, Bahnfyre

1986  Marcella Rose, Normandie Park

1985  Sue Jedlovec, Bahnfyre

1984  Micki Oulds, Creve Coeur

1983  Barb Lehr, Bahnfyre

1982  Barb Lehr, Bahnfyre

1981  Pam Rothfuss, Paddock

1980  Barb Lehr, Bahnfyre

1979  Barb Lehr, Bahnfyre

1978  Nancy Mitchell, St. Charles

1977  Francis Phipps, Bogey Hills

1976  Cindy Kowert, Paradise Valley


Board of Directors Plaque 

2019  Kathy Cushman, Falls-Wed

2017  Carol Stampley, Aberdeen

2015  Marie Caldwell, Forest Park

2013  Judy Clifton, Arlington

2011  Maria Morrison, Quail Creek

2009  Jill Marshall, The Falls

2007  Josee Laferriere, Bear Creek

2005  Lea Gorg, Triple A

2003  Dee Dankoscik, Quail Creek

2001  Enid Harris, Quail Creek

1999  Pat Will, New Melle Lakes

1997  Chris Fischer, Berry Hill

1995  Enid Harris, Quail Creek

1993  Linda Vesper, Normandie Park

1990  Nancy Owens, Whitmoor

1989  Nancy Owens, Whitmoor

1988  Enid Harris, Quail Creek

1987  Mary Keunneke, Lake Forest

1986  JoAnne DiCarlo, St. Andrews

1985  Marcella Rose, Normandie Park

1984  Sue Fallert, Paddock

1983  JoAnne DiCarlo, St. Andrews

1982  Sue Fallert, Paddock

1981  Marge Story, St. Andrews

1980  Nancy Neckel, Paddock


Florence Liman Memorial/IraE. Berry Award

(Replaced the Coors Award)

1990  Fay Rowton, Forest Park &                

          Alice Tinsman, Innsbrook

1987  Ellen Port, Bahnfyre

1986  Marcella Rose, Normandie Park

1985  Marcella Rose, Normandie Park

Match Play Medalists

Coors Award

1984  Barb Lehr, Bahnfyre

1983  June Goebel, Lake St. Louis

1982  Judy Henning, St. Andrews

1980  Barb Lehr, Paradise Valley

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