Letter From The President




  •          THE SLWGA BOARD HAS MET AND HAS CANCELED THE EVENTS FOR JUNE.  These events were to be played in Illinois and we know that they could not accommodate the two events with the restrictions that Illinois has on golf courses.  The SLWGA Board is looking at the rest of the season to determine our next steps.


  •          There have been several questions about posting scores – YES YOU CAN POST YOUR SCORES.  I know that putting is the major issue. Your League can establish local rules on putting.   You  can then determine if a putt was good or not.  If you have questions on this, please contact me.


  •          To help us moving forward , I did a survey of the Team Captains and Delegates to see what each league / golf course is doing.   I ask the following questions:


1.  Has your league started?  If postponed do you have a date to start? 

     The majority of the leagues in Missouri are starting in Mid-May, some have started sooner.  The Illinois              courses are just now being opened; their leagues are starting as soon as they can. 

2.  If your league has started, what is the participation rate?  Are your members even playing?  If not                   playing, do they not feel safe playing?   

     The majority of the responses to this question - participation rate -  was less than 50%.   Several of the            courses were walking only; participation may increase as more carts are used.  Several people are OK          with the one to a cart rule and other restrictions on each course.  The majority of the people who are not        playing do not feel safe being in a group. 

3.  What are the Golf rules for your county, city, etc. (Illinois - is the Rules still State Wide, Have you heard if         or when they will be relaxing them). What are the rules for your golf course?  ( Example - walk only, 1 to a       cart, etc.)

     This was across the board.  Several courses are one to a cart, social distancing, only two on the tee box          at a time, etc.  Several courses are walking only ( some of these are starting to use carts).  Illinois has            some of the strictest rules, only two-somes, walking only etc.  Tee times only for both states. 

4.  What are your concerns, questions, suggestions for going forward.

     The major concern is social distancing, cleanliness , bathrooms, club houses, tee times only, limited                number of people on the course at a time. 

Thanks for your patience – We will get through this.  Stay safe! Play Golf if you can!

Pam Freed – SLWGA President



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