Letter From The President


SLWGA Ladies,


The SLWGA Board has made a really difficult decision to cancel all SLWGA events for 2020.  Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 requirements for Missouri and Illinois, we felt it would be very difficult to monitor the state, counties, cities and golf course requirements to determine if we could play an event.  We felt that this would put undue pressure on the Team and Tournament Committees to continually monitor these requirements.


The Board did not know how many members would be comfortable in playing tournaments or team play. We also would have to comply with the requirements that have been set for the different golf courses.  One of the major issues is that one of the requirements is no shotgun starts at this time.   Concerns: This would require us to do tee times. Would we need to change formats?  Could the golf course accommodate our numbers (golf carts)?  How would we determine tee times?  Social Distancing?  Would we need to wear facemasks?



The Board hopes that everyone understands the difficulty we had in making this decision.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at Pamfreed74@gmail.com or 636-209-1281.




Pam Freed  - SLWGA President




The Organization has certain fixed costs that we had to pay this year prior to the COVID 19 shutdown.  GHIN for each member (Your GHIN number is active, please continue to post your scores); MAGA Membership and the publishing of the SLWGA Yearbook.  These costs totaled approximately $29.00 per member.


Our Proposal -  To eliminate having to write checks to each member for the difference of $16.00, the Board proposes that we transfer your membership to 2021 and only collect $34.00 in 2021 for existing members.  Any new members in 2021 would need to pay the full membership price of $50.00.


 If  you decide you want a refund, please send an email to Mary Ackerman –

m_j_ackerman@sbcglobal.net and she will issue you a refund.





All Members of SLWGA as of March 31, 2020 will be qualified for Team Play in 2021.  All new members in 2021 will need to meet qualifications as stated in our bylaws.


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